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The price you are going to calculate is not the final price. To get more accurate price, please contact us. .

About Price Calculator

LamanWeb Solutions knows that everyone want to budget the price of their website. We made this calculator for you to estimate the budget for your website easily.

This calculator will automatically calculate the price based on your web requirements. The official price may vary, depending on the complexity and sophistication of your website. Please contact us if you like to discuss more about the price.

Provided by Customer

Customers need to provide the following details in the form of digital softcopy

  • Logo.
  • Business / company info.
  • Product / service info.
  • The content of the website.
  • Pictures / images of products / services.

All information required for website design and development should be provided in softcopy and sent to the web site via email.


  • The duration of the website to be complete depending on the last date of information, content, document or picture received from the customer.